Fried cake???!?!


Torta frita: It literally translates to "fried cake". However, this dish is similar to what the United States might call "fried dough", like the kind that you might get at a street fair, because it's just that: fried dough. Curiously, torta frita is one of the first things kids have asked me if I've tried during my time here. After so many of these questions, well... I just had to ;)

What tradition did I learn about?:

Torta frita is delicious because, well, it's hard to fry something and not make it delicious! It's prepared like any type of bread and then fried in animal fat, making it taste something like a donut. 

Because this food isn't the healthiest around, it's traditionally only eaten on rainy days. I love this tradition because rain can sometimes be depressing – but then you start to smell torta frita on the street and smile.

In Fray Bentos, my host dad told me once: "Los días de lluvia son para engordarse un poco", that rainy days are for indulging in food. Torta frita helps with that ;)

Why does the community have this tradition?:

I've done research on torta frita, but there is not definitive theory as to where and why torta frita on rainy days became a tradition.