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Sofia's Journey to Peru

Sofia Cerkvenik

Sophie's Journey to Spain

Sophie Neems

April's (Second) Journey to Germany

April Reber

Mattie's Journey to South Africa

Mattie Webb

Iman's Journey to Jordan

Iman Mohamed

Carlos' Journey to Mexico

Carlos Mesa Baron

Natalie's Journey to Argentina

Nati Jones

Timothy's Journey to Spain & Portugal

Timothy Hagen

Michaela's Journey to China

Michaela Flanders

Darby's Journey to Sweden

Darby Finnegan

Evelyn's Journey to South Korea

Evelyn Vargas Olmos

Erika's (Second) Journey to Poland

Erika Cyphert

Daniel's Journey to Armenia

Daniel Shapiro

Clara's Journey to Turkey

Clara Bartnik

Chloe's Journey to Germany

Chloe Zhao

Aaron's Journey to Taiwan

Aaron Gomez

Jonathan's Journey to South Korea

Jonathan Feuer

Gabrielle's Journey to Japan

Gabrielle Scott

Asma's Journey Around the World

Asma Alkrizy

Sanjana's Journey to Germany

Sanjana Ramchandran

Gabriel's Journey to Costa Rica

Gabriel Perez

Leslie's Journey to Chile

Leslie Vergara

James' Journey to Central Spain

James Smith

Sabrina's Journey to Austria

Sabrina Salas

Citlalli's Journey to Pakistan

Citlalli Roman

Samantha's Journey to Austria

Samantha Gerbrick

Arquala's Journey to South Korea

Arquala Davis

Cassidy's Journey to South Korea

Cassidy Ainsworth

Mellisha's Journey to Germany

Mellisha Lambert

Keyanna's Journey to Italy

Keyanna Stokes

Olivia's Journey to Vietnam

Olivia Ellis

Madiha's Journey to South Korea

Madiha Khan

Endurance22 Expedition to Antarctica

Timothy Clark Jacob

Colin's Journey to Costa Rica

Colin Heinrich

ARCSPIN Expedition to Arctic Alaska

Timothy Clark Jacob
Jessie Creamean

Rebecca's Journey to South Korea

Rebecca Zavatchan

The World of Modern Mapping

Timothy Clark Jacob
Mara Therese Ohorodnik

Unlocking the Oceans' Secrets

Mara Ohorodnik
Timothy Clark Jacob
Mara Therese Ohorodnik

Mary's Journey to Spain

Mary Jines

Women of The Explorers Club

Brianna Michelle Rowe
Timothy Clark Jacob

Katrina's Journey to Spain

Katrina Keating

Janessa's Journey to France

Janessa Harms

Kris' Journey to Mexico

Kris de la Torre

Charly's Expedition to Australia

Charly Plaisir

Carlos' Expedition to the Northern Peatlands

Carlos Barreto