Sarah's Journey to Uruguay

Current Location

Montevideo, Uruguay

Hello from Uruguay! My name is Sarah, and I'm excited to take you with me as I explore this incredible, chicken nugget-shaped country in South America. There's so much to discover: let's go!


 It has been a pretty busy week for me here in Uruguay! even though I have been living in the country for four months, I am still discovering new things to see and do ,and to share with you!  



This is a "Farewell Journal", but I want you to know: we'll be seeing each other!

Field Notes

Maybe we all have our traditions when it rains. Maybe you like to watch scary movies, curl up with a book and hot cup of tea or even go out and splash in puddles. But here in Uruguay, it's food.


I told you that I love to walk. 

A few months ago, I  obsessed over a song by Venezuelan artist Danny Ocean and made this video. It shows me having walking around Fray Bentos :)