Chao por ahora ~

Montevideo, Uruguay
-34.901112700000, -56.164531400000
Journal Entry:

Our work together is coming to an end, but I want you all to know that I have enjoyed sharing stories about my time in this little-known country!

I only say chao por ahora, or "bye for now", because you and I are one and the same: my generation of New Yorkers and the generations that follow have and will grow up in an increasingly global environment – one that inspires us to work for and discover what we love, as well as what we can do to support others, our society and our city.

If you follow your own version of a noble path, "fighting the good fight", I hope to see you on it. And remember, if you ever feel pressured to make a decision, backed into a corner – remember that there are always more options. All you have to do is look.