Festa Junina


The Portuguese introduced Festa Junina ("party in June") to Brazil during colonization. The celebrations continue annually every June. There is a religious significance to it! However, it also occurs at the same time as the end of the rainy season in many parts of Brazil. This is a time for giving thanks!

People here will dress in plaid shirts and skirts, will add makeup and freckles to their cheeks, and will perform the quadrilha dance (very similar to square dancing). In addition to this, there are parades, block parties and even time off from work!

What tradition did I learn about?:

I learned about Festa Junina during my time here in Brazil this past June. Every year, there are always Festa Junina parties and even dance competitions! In these competitions, there are entire teams of dancers with one leader who guides and instructs the dancers to make sure they're on beat. I learned about this tradition by going to the Festa Junina party events.

Why does the community have this tradition?:

Brazilians all over the nation, and world, practice Festa Junina. The signifigance of the event has been shaped by the rural farm culture here in Brazil. Over time, people would change their outfits and styles of hats to match that of farmers during the month of June.