Recognizing Different Perspectives

Belém, Pará, Brasil
-1.455729200000, -48.490178500000
Journal Entry:

I am the son of immigrants in the US. My mother is from India and my father is from Canada. This unique blend of cultures shaped my perspective during my life in Michagan, and how I viewed the outside world. However, I don't think I truly appreciated other people's perceptions of the US, and the challenges of living in another country, until I moved to Brazil. 

A common remark that I hear when I introduce myself is, "You really don't look very American!" Many people in Brazil believe Americans are all white and tall, with blonde hair and blue eyes. I am pretty much the oposite of this! It can be quite a shock that there are other ethnicities and cultures in the US.

Their surprise has started some great conversations.  It gives me an opportunity to show others tthat just as Brazil is a blend of cultures, races and religions, the US has a diverse population as well. 

The longer I spend in Brazil, the more I am learning more about Brazil's custums and cultures. There is much more to the country than the general stereotypes! Some of the common perceptions are Brazilians' love of soccer and the country's beautiful beaches.

Brazil's vast size means each region has its own specific cultures, customs and accents.