Grapevines and Wine


One of the most important plants in Spain is grapevines, which produce grapes. The grapes can then be fermented to make wine. Spain is the world's third-largest producer of wine, and it is the country with the largest percentage of land surface area dedicated to wine cultivation.

While traveling through the Spanish countryside, especially through major Spanish wine regions such as La Rioja, which is adjacent to Navarra (the region Pamplona is located in), I have seen lots of vineyards.

What does this creature or plant look like?:

Grapevines grow close to the ground. There are over 400 different varieties of grapevines that are grown in Spain. Each produce different kinds of grapes. The La Rioja region of Spain is known for its Tempranillo production. Tempranillo is a black grape that is used to make red wine. 

How did I feel when I saw it?:

The vineyards that I saw while traveling through the Spanish countryside are beautiful, especially during the fall, which is the harvest season. During harvest season, the grapes are mature and look very juicy and delicious!

Where does it live?:

Grapes are grown all over the world. There are a lot of grapes grown in the Mediterranean region. Spain, France, and Italy grow the most grapes and producing the most wine as well.