The Natural Park of Urbasa and Andía


This week, I visited the Natural Park of Urbasa and Andía, which is a protected area located in Navarra, Spain. It has geographical, biological, ecological, archaelogical, and sociocultural importance. Keep reading to learn more about this very cool park!

What makes this environment special or different?:

The Natural Park of Urbasa and Andía is special because of its beech tree forests, flatlands, mountain ranges, and rocks. The park is also home to around 145 different species of vertebrates, including buzzards (birds of prey), red frogs, and wildcats.

There are many endangered species that can be found in the park and are protected, such as the bearded vulture and seven different species of bats.The area has been designated as a Natural Park by the Government of Navarra in order to conserve the natural habitats of all of its flora and fauna. 

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

Before the area was designated as a natural park, the local people used the area for all of its natural resources, such as forests and pastures. People would bring their cattle to graze in the area and use the wood from the forests for firewood. There have also been tombs found in the area.