Venezuelan Refugees in Pamplona


I learned about the refugee community in Pamplona, particularly the Venezuelan refugee community. 

Venezuelans are the largest group of people seeking asylum in Spain at the moment. Many refugees are leaving their homes in the country of Venezula, which has food and medicine shortages; militarization; and corruption. They now have to find their place in Spanish society. 

What community need did I learn about?:

Venezuelan refugees in Pamplona need help getting information about how to file asylum claims, finding work, and finding a sense of community in their new home in Spain. They also sometimes face poor mental health conditions because of the stress of worrying about their family back home, as well as the fear of being deported.

Why does the community have this need?:

Many refugees have left their family members behind in Venezuela and have moved to Spain with hardly any money, resources or connections. Many of these refugees are still worried about the family members they have left behind, who are facing food shortages and crime in Venezuela.

Refugee communities face many difficulties as they seek a better life for themselves. For example, it is difficult for refugees to leave behind everything and everyone they know.