An Interview with Maripaz


I asked Maripaz about how Costa Rica is different from Spain. 

She said, "Costa Rica is a really small country. It’s really green; it’s really beautiful. You always have these really beautiful blue skies and amazing sunsets. People are really friendly. They always help you. They’re humble, usually. Since it’s a really small country, you usually know everyone. Also, like in Spain, you usually feel safe. A difference is that politics here in Spain is a really complicated theme. But in Costa Rica, if you want to make a protest about something, you usually can do it freely. You always feel free to make your opinion. And, in Costa Rica we usually have a good education. I’m actually really happy with my country because resources are for education, and it’s a really peaceful country. It’s a small, humble, really beautiful country.

In Spain I find the buildings, the architecture, really big. Costa Rica is a really seismic country, so you usually find small buildings. So, when I went to Barcelona or other cities here in Spain that are really big, I feel overwhelmed in that way. And also something that is really different, here in Spain you have tons of resources in special learning problems and all of these things for students of high capacity. For example, if you are born deaf in Spain, they give you an implant. In Costa Rica, if you are born deaf, you remain deaf because it’s really expensive.