An Interview with Maripaz

So, the government takes care of all of these things in education that Costa Rica, for now, it’s behind because of the resources." 

Below, are Maripaz's answers to some more of my questions. 

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

For breakfast, I like to eat toast, eggs, and coffee because if I don't drink coffee, I get headaches. For lunch, I usually eat meat, vegetables, salad, and desert. And for dinner, I eat something light like cereal or quesadillas. 

What is your house like?:

My apartment is nice. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a nice kitchen. It's comfortable enough. 

What chores do you have at home?:

I wash dishes, wash my clothes, sweep the floor, clean the windows, and clean the tables. 

What jobs do your parents have?:

My father is an engineer, but he has always worked as a buisnessman. And my mom is a graphic designer, but she works at a school. She works in an administrative job. 

What time does school start, and what time do you go home?:

I leave at 8:00 am, and finish at 1:00 pm. 

How do you get to school? Are you allowed to go to school by yourself?:

I take a bus, because it's kind of far. [I'm doing my practicum at a school] not in Pamplona. It's farther. So, I take one bus, and it's like 20 minutes. 

Where do you eat lunch? What is your favorite food?:

I usually make my lunch. My favorite food is pasta. I love pasta. And pizza and hamburgers also.