Taking Subways, Planes and Buses and Simply Walking


Transportation is accessible to everyone in Vigo. Locals can drive their own vehicles, hop on a bus, or wave down a taxi. They also have the option of taking a train to a nearby city. I have used the buses to get to class and around the city. I have gotten on a taxi when I was lost and needed a ride home. I have also walked to meet up with friends at a restaurant. Let me tell you more about how people in Vigo get around.

How do people get around?:

The civilians of Vigo have many options when it comes to how they move around the city. University students opt for the bus system. Vitrasa is the dominant mode of public transportation. It has routes all around the city including routes to the beach and airport. When I landed in Vigo, I took a bus to my apartment. The buses have Wi-Fi and can be tracked using a mobile app! Students, however, are not the only ones using buses. I have seen many elderly people using buses because it is cheap.

Taxis are another form of transportation. There are many taxis in the city and I live near a taxi stand. The cost of a taxi is about 1.1 euro per km. This is much more expensive than the bus which is 0.89 euro per ride.  The main difference between a taxi and a bus is that taxis arrive at your destination nearer and faster.