Priscilla's Journey to Spain

Current Location

Rúa de Jenaro de la Fuente 22 36205 Vigo Pontevedra

Join me on my adventure to Spain! I am spending four months in Vigo, Spain at the University of Vigo, where I will experience the life of a student and soak up Spanish culture. Let's go!


Today marks the end of my third week in Spain. Most of this week I spent getting into a routine. I am proud to have finally done so. I will now be able to travel on weekends. 


Our experience is coming to an end. I hope you have enjoyed our time together and that my experience has inspired you, given you a new perspective or at least entertained you. Galicia and I say, Chao!

Field Notes

Galicia is rich in culture. Its identity includes delicious food, lively beaches and smoking. This beautiful region has an issue with tobacco use, but it is in the process of being reformed. 


A Coruña is located two hours northeast of Vigo. In this Galician city, I toured the Tower of Hercules, Maria Pita Square, Paseo maritimo de La Coruña and Cuidad Vieja. Enjoy!