Hasta Pronto! (Until Soon!)

Rúa de Jenaro de la Fuente 22 36205 Vigo Pontevedra
Journal Entry:

I am thankful for our experience together in this beautiful Spanish city and region of Galicia. The city where Spaniards are expressive and opinionated, the sea is steps away and the vibes are festive. I’ve enjoyed being part of a community that values living life at the moment. I have seen a different way of life which I not only highly respect, but I hope to embrace one day.

In this short time, Vigo has taught me a couple of things. It’s inspired to change my behavior. My life felt rushed and preoccupied. I have realized that it is acceptable to take my time including while I’m eating so I enjoy the time with my friends and family. Being a conscientious human being is possible with small changes like air drying my clothes, carpooling and using reusable grocery bags. After being surrounded by people who speak more than two languages, it has motivated me to learn another language or at least a couple of phrases. I hope that my experience has inspired you to set goals and actively pursue them. Writing my field notes taught me about animals that I had no idea existed and my journals are technically part of history. 

I would like to end our journey together with a special message. It is said that the most patriotic thing that one can do is travel. It is true.