Spanish Cafeterias


I have been in Spain a total of 17 days. I've been to Madrid and Vigo and ate in both of these cities. In Madrid, I ate at Batavia, a healthy food restaurant, and at Oven Mozzarella Bar. In Vigo, I've had many cups of coffee with milk and have eaten many burgers. Pizza shops and burger places are everywhere! I've struggled to find authentic restaurants that offer the dishes that serve Spanish cuisine. I did not think that hunting down Spanish food would be this difficult here. My search has not been a total fail, and I've learned so much about how to dine in Spain. 

What food did I try?:

I've tried burgers, pizza, milanesa de pollo (chicken milanese), pasta, pulpo a la gallega (octopus and potatoes seasoned with olive oil and chili powder), lentejas con chorizo (lentils and chorizo), chicken fajitas and tapas.

In Vigo, burgers are very popular. They are an option at every cafeteria and there are many burger shops. I've had different types of burgers, but the idea is essentially the same. The bun of the burger is typically made from ciabatta, and it has a beef patty, cheddar cheese, an egg, and bacon. 

Milanesa de pollo is a lightly breaded butterfly cut of chicken breast. It is similar to a chicken nugget in a sense.