Life in Cameroon


Life as a kid in Cameroon can vary depending on where you live and the status of your parents. The majority of children attend public school while those with wealth or status attend private schools. Watching movies or playing video games is not common for most kids, and most activities involve friends or siblings. Children have many responsibilities such as running errands to the market for their parents and watching their siblings. Some kids will work in their parents' shop after school, or go out on the street and sell peanuts or other food items.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

We have breakfast early and it's either eggs and bread or fruit. Sometimes it is the dinner from the night before. If I am lucky I can have hot chocolate with milk for breakfast. Lunch is always a small snack during the school break. I can buy biscuits or even a small sandwich from the food vendor outside of school. Dinner is always at the table with my parents. My mother cooks many yummy dishes and my favorite is fish and peanut sauce with plantains. We usually have manioc or cocoyam with dinner. On special occasions, we will have beef or chicken.

What is your house like?:

My house has three bedrooms as well as a yard that we use for drying our clothing. We have a bathroom area separate from the house.