Bountiful Blessings from Moti Dungri Temple


This week I paid a visit to the Moti Dungri Temple in Jaipur. Typically, in Hinduism, each temple is dedicated to a specific god. Moti Dungri Temple is dedicated to Ganesh Ji, a deity in the form an elephant known as the god of wealth, wisdom, knowledge and prosperity.

As I approached the entrance to them temple, I saw several new cars lined up, surrounded by families and Hindu priests. After asking a friend, I learned that this was one of the traditions of the temples. However, this wasn't the only tradition I learned about while I was there.

What tradition did I learn about?:

The cars were not lined up coincidentally outside of the temple. In fact, they were here to take part in one of the temple's many traditions. When people purchase new cars in Jaipur, they bring them to Moti Dungri Temple. The priests at the temple perform puja, or worship, around the car to bless the car and ask Lord Ganesh to keep it safe. Preists recite mantras, or prayers, as they circle the vehicle with sticks of incense. Next, a symbol of good luck and prosperity is painted on the front of the car with paste. Finally, the priest takes a garland of marigolds and hangs it inside of the car.

I enjoyed watching families and priests participate in the pooja, but as I entered the temple, I learned about even more traditions.