Namaste: A Final Farewell

Jaipur India
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Journal Entry:

It has been nearly twelve months since I stepped off a plane and breathed in the hot muggy air in New Delhi, nearly twelve months since I've gotten my face licked with slobbery kisses from my dog Lucky and nearly twelve months since I've sunk my teeth into a juicy hamburger. However, it has been an adventureous and eventful year in India, and I am grateful to have been able to share these last few weeks with you.

I began my year in India going to school to impove my Hindi. It is a skill that I have been thankful to have and improve upon, as it gives me the ability to communicate and connect with millions more people on this shared planet we all call home. Knowing this language has also proved to be very helpful in navigating everyday life in India as well as in my research and work.

In December, I began my research, struggling at first to make connections with the local farming community without being seen only as an outsider. With the help of a local assistant, imaking connections became easier than I thought. Most people were more than willing to take time out of their day to chat with me about their experiences and give me a little bit of the precious soil that provided them with their livelihood.