Dr. Zahlner: A Woman of Many Talents


Meeting new people is awesome! You learn so much about their culture, heritage and language. By learning about people from other places, everyone has the potential to become a citizen of the world. You can, too, even back home, just by asking questions about people you meet from other places! My semester at SLU-Madrid has given me the opportunity to meet a diverse staff and many other study abroad students like me! For this field note, I interviewed my "Feminism in Action" professor, who is a woman of many talents. 

What is your full name?:

My full name is Roswitha Zahlner. Roswitha von Gandersheim was a medieval German nun who wrote plays in Latin! I'm named after her (and my father's cousin).

Where do you live? What is your house like?:

My house here in Spain is in a mountain village located 45 minutes northwest of Madrid. It's found on the third and fourth floor of a building looking out on the hill behind the village, the Cerro del Castillo.

What is your family like?:

My family is a bit atypical. I have two daughters, Camille and Ida Simone, who live and study in New York. I have three sisters, two in Austria and one in Constance, in the very south of Germany. I have three nephews and two nieces in Germany and Austria.