Adiós, Madrid!

Madrid, Spain
40.416775400000, -3.703790200000
Journal Entry:

It seems as if it were just a few days ago that I was saying goodbye to my family! Flash forward to four months later, and it is the end of my study abroad semester. Currently, this is the last week of classes and time to prepare for finals. Right now, I am sitting in the airport on my way back to Madrid from Venice, Italy. This time has given me a lot to think about, including memories, feelings and the future. 

These past four months have given me so many memories. I have had the opportunity to travel to so many places on my bucket list! I went to Barcelona, Salamanca, Segovia and Toledo in Spain. I visited Athens, Lisbon, London and Paris. I spent a week in Italy, during which I visited Florence, Rome and Venice. Being able to travel has always been a dream for me, to enable me to get to know different cultures and people. These places have taught me so much. I learned a few phrases in each language, in case I needed to ask for help. I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried new foods that were traditional in each place (such as French onion soup and nata in Lisbon). I even traveled to London and Athens by myself! Although I spent only two days in each place, I also learned a lot about the people living there. For example, people in Athens appreciate being polite.