Traveler Bio

Hi, my name is Annaliet Delgado-Rodriguez, but just Anna is fine! I am from the Queen of the West: Cincinnati, Ohio. When I am home, I love visiting the Cincinnati Art Museum and seeing all the beautiful paintings. I love ice cream, so I visit Graeters often, which is one of the best ice cream places in Cincinnati. In fact, I love my city so much that I decided to stay there for college and go to Xavier University, which is close to my house. Another thing I love to do is visit the library; there are so many books that can take you on many adventures right from home!

To change things up, this semester I am studying in Madrid, Spain! Education has always been important to me because my parents never went to college, so that means that I am the first person in my family to go to college! Being in Madrid is a dream come true because I love to learn about the world. Sometimes, as a first-generation college student, these opportunities do not seem possible--but they are! Just like I read books to experience new things, I hope you can learn from our adventures together!