The Mountain Where You Can Touch the Clouds!


This week during my vacation, I got to visit Monteverde Cloud Forest, one of the most protected cloud forests in Central America. It was a magical experience with unique plants, animals and weather.

What makes this environment special or different?:

A cloud forest is generally a tropical environment and is characterized by frequent low-hanging clouds which makes it feel like you're walking through a cloud! Only 1% of all forests on the planet are cloud forests! Because it is so cool and wet, it makes it perfect for moss and other plants and animals that enjoy that environment. While we were there, we saw energetic frogs, colorful birds, active monkeys and even a waterfall. We also got to walk over hanging bridges that swayed in the wind.

One special animal we saw was a quetzal, a colorful bird that is native to Central America. It's known for its red and green feathers and its very long tail. This bird was very important in Mayan and Aztec cultures where the birds were considered sacred for symbolizing beauty and freedom. They snack on fruits, insects and small animals.

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

This cloud forest brings lots of tourists to visit for its beauty and mystery. This, in turn, creates lots of jobs for people in the area such as tour guides or bus drivers.