Adios, amigos!

San Juan, Costa Rica
9.964000000000, -84.077520100000
Journal Entry:

Look how much we've accomplished together! During our few months together, we've traveled by bus, train and ferry, all across Costa Rica! We visited Volcano Arenal to learn about ash and lava, Monteverde Cloud Forest to learn about the cloud forest ecosystem, San Jose to visit the art museum and back home to San Juan. We've met some new friends like my host mom, her grandson, all her pets and our friends at the farm. Together, we learned how to make chocolate and how much work goes into a Hershey's bar and even tried our hand at making tortillas. You encouraged me to try new things (like William's suggestion of lemon, salt and tortilla), and I hope that I encouraged you to try new things too. But my favorite part of all has been getting to know each of YOU! 

Thank you so much for sharing all of your learning with me. I learned so much from you! You all are now volcano experts, sociologists and budding travelers. You asked thoughtful questions and practiced active listening. My favorite part of traveling and living in another culture is getting to meet new people, and I'm so lucky that I got to meet you all during my time here in Costa Rica. 

I'll be in San Juan for a while longer, just about until you enter seventh grade. During this time, I'll grow a lot, and I'm sure you will too!