Getting Around Pamplona

Unlike cities in the United States, which tend to have residential areas, commercial districts, and communal spaces all separate from one another, most cities in Spain have areas that combine all of these parts together. On one city block, you can find apartments, shops, restaurants, and parks all mixed together, which makes it very easy to get what you need around the city simply by walking. 

Is this way of getting around connected to the culture and environment, How?:

Cities in Spain are known for being very pedestrian, and this is absolutely connected to Spanish culture. For instance, in Pamplona, every Thursday is juevinchos (a combination of the words jueves which means "Thursday" and pinchos which are a snack). For juevinchos, people meet up with friends and family on the streets of Pamplona to hang out and eat a few pinchos. The streets are filled with people hopping from bar to bar to try different pinchos.

The pedestrian nature of Pamplona is also connected to the environment. Pamplona has been active in implementing sustainable energy solutions and being environmentally friendly. Recently, it has cut down on the number of street lanes for cars to make space for bus lanes and bike lanes. This encourages residents to walk, bike, and use public transportation instead of driving. It has made Pamplona an even more pedestrian-friendly city.