Semana del Pincho de Navarra

They are a Spanish appetizer, something that you share with friends along with drinks, like you would share fries in the United States. The salsa brava was one of the spiciest things I have tried here in Spain and something I really liked as someone who loves spicy food. 

How is the food prepared?:

Patatas bravas are pretty easy to prepare. They are prepared by cutting potatoes into small cubes and then frying them in hot olive oil. Then, salsa brava is poured over the potatoes. The recipe for salsa brava differs from city to city and from bar to bar, but it is usually made with olive oil, flour, paprika, and broth. Since every bar has its own slightly different recipe, the level of spiciness of the salsa brava is different depending on where you eat it. 

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?:

Olive oil is used to fry the potatoes and is part of the salsa brava. Olive oil is the typical oil used in Mediterranean cooking. Spain is the world's largest olive oil producer, and most of the olive oil is produced in Andalucia, a region in the south of Spain. Spain's Mediterranean climate with lots of sun makes it a good place to grow olives and produce olive oil that is exported all across the world. Olive oil is used to make patatas bravas among many other traditional Spanish dishes.