Horses and Spiders in Taiwan


I want to tell you about two different animals today. Neither of these animals is unique to Taiwan, but I still hope that you will find them interesting! 

The first animal I want to introduce is a horse! I love horses. A few summers ago I was lucky enough to get a job where I could ride them a lot. Lucky for me, because the program I am with (Fulbright) recently paired all of the American English teachers in Taichung with a host family. A host family is a family of local people who offer to host a visiting foreigner, like me! In some cases, people live with their host family while abroad. While I do not live with my host family, I visit them a lot.

Recently, I went to their farm where I met their twenty horses. Horses are really rare in Taiwan. Most of these horses are orginially from the U.S. or Europe. While I was at their farm, I got to ride some of their horses. I had a blast! 

The other animal I want to tell you about is a spider. I know that spiders live everywhere. I have met many in my travels to different countries. However, Taiwan has some of the biggest I have ever seen! They can also move super fast - in some cases, so fast that it seems they disappear. In the mountains and forests of Taiwan, they also spin webs so big that they cover the distance between two trees.