Food in Taiwan


One of the incredible things about Taiwan is its food! There are many different types of food to try and I have done my best to try as many as possible. In Taiwan, there are generally two categories of food: meals and snacks. Snacks are called xiaochi in Chinese and I will tell you about both. One of the things that makes Taiwan unique is that it has a huge snack culture. In fact, there are whole markets full of nothing but snacks! Do you like snacks?

These snack markets are known as night markets in Taiwan, and Taiwan is famous for them. Every night, but especially on the weekends, the night markets are full of all types of people spending time with their families by walking around eating whatever snacks they want to buy.

When I first moved to Taiwan in August, I lived right next to the biggest night market in Taichung and I went every night! Some of the foods that I tried in the night market were dumplings, fried octopus, skewered pork, sweet potato candy and cooked buns full of vegetables. I didn’t like everything that I tried, but most of it was really good! I also enjoyed the different drinks, especially bubble tea! Taiwan is famous for inventing bubble tea and it is delicious here. Especially the ones where you can add ice cream! Would you be willing to try some types of food that you have never had before?

Beyond snacks, the Taiwanese people put a lot of time and effort into preparing food for family and friends.