Nature News

Number of sunny days this week: 2
Number of cloudy days this week: 4
Number of rainy days this week: 1
Number of snowy days this week: 0
Number of windy days this week: 1
What is the air temperature right now in Fahrenheit?: 57
How was the weather this week?:

This week, the weather was cold and cloudy. It rained one day, but there were small scattered showers in between. On sunny days, it was also very windy. Overall, the weather did not affect my plans. I was able to do everything conveniently. 

What animals did I see this week? :

I saw birds twice while eating. I saw one while getting breakfast at Plaza de America. They were casually eating the crumbs off the floor of the establishment. I was surprised to see a bird inside the café.

What was the coolest thing I saw in nature this week?:

I saw many trees this week. I saw many pine trees and palm trees. I think that it was very beautiful to see them from the top of a castle. 

Other Nature News from this week:

In my geology class, we are analyzing the topography of Vigo. I graphed the profile of mountain peaks in the area.