Recycling recycling recycling!


When you visit or move to a new place, you learn to use the new systems. For instance, if you went to England, you'd have to get used to driving on the "wrong" side of the road; if you visited Chile, you'd learn to stop everything mid-afternoon and have a cup of maté. If you went to'd have to learn to recycle!

What community need did I learn about?:

When I told one of my mom’s friends that I was going to live in Switzerland, she said, “Oh, you’re going to have to learn to recycle!” Since my family recycles everything we can, I thought the friend was making a joke...but nope! Recycling Swiss-style is like playing a really hard video game, or doing a 1000-piece puzzle. Everything works so long as you follow all the steps and put everything exactly where it should go. And if you don’t? Your trash won’t get picked up and you could get a fine!

Why does the community have this need?:

In terms of industry, Switzerland has a lot of banks and watch making businesses, but one of the largest sources of income is winter tourism. People from all over the world visit Switzerland in the winter (and year-round) in order to ski and snowboard, explore the glaciers, and go on mountaineering expeditions.