Au revoir, bon voyage!

Geneva, Switzerland
46.204390700000, 6.143157700000
Journal Entry:

Au revoir! Auf Wiedersehen! Addio! A revair! Do you remember what the four official languages of Switzerland are? I wrote about them in the very first logbook, which seems like so long ago! 

When I first got to Switzerland in September, I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I would be playing a lot of harp, learning a lot of French and eating a lot of cheese and chocolate! But even though that all sounded great, I was still a little bit nervous. But something I learned here is that nervous could be a lot of different things. Nervous could mean stage fright for a big performance. You could be also nervous to meet new people and try to speak their language. Or, nervous could mean you’re about to start an exciting adventure. When you travel, even just to a different town or state, you might feel this last type of nervous, and that’s good because it means the adventure is just beginning! 

This year didn’t go exactly as I had thought it would - I’ve been in my tiny little room with three harps since March due to COVID-19! But even during lockdown, I’ve learned things about Swiss culture, from the animal-shaped breads at Easter to what kind of birds I can identify from my terrace.