Traveler Bio

My name is Phoebe (pronounced fee-bee) and I am from a tiny town called Bar Harbor, which is on an island called Mount Desert Island in the ocean off the coast of Maine. It’s basically in Canada! I just graduated from Oberlin Conservatory where I studied harp and music history. My junior year at Oberlin, I found a harp from the 1500s in a locked practice room and got obsessed! I decided I wanted to learn more about the instrument, and I discovered the fascinating world of “historic performance,” which is playing music from hundreds of years ago on the instruments from that time, using the original techniques of performing.

I was fortunate to receive a U.S. Fulbright Research Grant to study historic harps and performance in Switzerland, and I will be working on a Masters of Music degree in Geneva. I hope I can show you some cool harps and music as well as beautiful Switzerland!