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Are you ready to connect with the most extensive Central Arctic research expedition in history? Welcome to the MOSAiC (Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate) Expedition! An international team of scientists lodged the icebreaker Polarstern into dense winter sea ice and will drift across the Arctic polar region for an entire year. As they conduct their research, they'll also be navigating the challenges of re-supplying, maintaining morale in 24-hour darkness and keeping their equipment functioning in sub-zero temperatures. How will they do all of this? We'll get to ask the expedition members themselves!

Over the coming months, Reach the World will partner with the MOSAiC Expedition team to share the incredible stories of the expedition, its research and the everyday challenges of life in the Arctic. We'll be connecting with expedition members, as they cycle off the ship and return to their homes around the world. Want to know if Arctic ice is really melting, and if so, how we know? Curious about life aboard Polarstern and daily life on the ice? Join the expedition today, and you can learn from the experts themselves!

More information is available at the MOSAiC Expedition homepage.