Telling the Story of MOSAiC

Central Arctic
Journal Entry:

Hello, my name is Lianna Nixon. I am a graduate student at the University of Colorado in Boulder studying education, and I am also a wildlife conservation storyteller. I joined the MOSAiC team a year ago as a storyteller to create an educational planetarium film about MOSAiC and capture what the scientists were doing on the ice, Arctic climate science, and the importance of the MOSAiC expedition. This became an incredibly daunting task. How was my team going to create a film that captured a year of science, the logistical challenges in the Arctic, and the experiences of the scientists in one short, 30-minute feature? And on top of that, how do we express what this kind of learning about the Arctic climate does to us and how it impacts each and every one of us? I was eager to take on the challenge, and I spent five and half months onboard the RV Polarstern to capture the melt and refreeze of the ice before the Polarstern finally returned home in Germany.

While on MOSAiC, I had the incredible opportunity to follow scientists, engineers, helicopter pilots, crew, polar bear guards and storytellers, all whom are driven to support the success of this expedition on the ice and onboard the vessel. Each person had an important role to play to ensure that the expedition went smoothly.