MOSAiC Expedition to the Arctic Ocean

Current Location

University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado

Join the most extensive Central Arctic research expedition in history! Connect with MOSAiC's international team of researchers, as they return from the top of the globe and share their experiences.


Engineer Dave Costa spent almost four months aboard Polarstern during Leg I of the MOSAiC Expedition. Find out how a typical week aboard Polarstern differs from a typical week in most other places!


I'm Dr. Radiance Calmer, and I am part of a team that conducts atmospheric science using unmanned aerial systems (UAS)--otherwise known as drones. Let's see what these drones can do!

Field Notes

The Central Arctic is cold, icy, isolated and not a place where humans typically live. How can researchers aboard the Polarstern survive in these harsh environmental conditions? Let's find out!



Want to know what MOSAiC scientists are collecting in the Arctic and how they do it? Research scientist Dr. Jessie Creamean answers all your questions and more!