MOSAiC Expedition to the Arctic Ocean

Current Location

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Join the most extensive Central Arctic research expedition in history! Connect with MOSAiC's international team of researchers, as they return from the top of the globe and share their experiences.


MOSAiC expedition co-coordinator Dr. Matthew Shupe gives an update from the Arctic, sharing what it's like to experience the changing seasons and a sun that never fully sets.


Hi, I'm Lianna Nixon, and I created a film that captured the complex saga of the MOSAiC expedition. I spent more than five months aboard Polarstern in the Central Arctic--here's my story!

Field Notes

The ability to navigate to, from, and around the Central Arctic is necessary to conduct polar research. However, accessing this remote region comes with many challenges and requires proper tools.


Filmmaker Lianna Nixon discusses the power of storytelling and shares a highlight film she made during Leg 4 of the MOSAiC Expedition. Join the celebration of learning!