Farewell Journal

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Journal Entry:

During my time studying abroad in Thailand, I learned so much, and it was very hard to say goodbye!

In preparation for leaving, we had a goodbye dinner with the American students from my program and many of our Thai friends and teachers. It was a lot of fun to have everyone in the same place and to talk about some of the fun memories we shared. It was also sad because we knew we were leaving very soon. At the goodbye dinner, we ate Thai food, took pictures and reflected on the six great months we had had in Chiang Mai. It felt like that time went by so fast! I had finally gotten used to everything -- I was able to have conversations in Thai, use the transportation (and not get lost) and make new friends -- and then I had to go home back to the United States! I was still a little excited to go home because I had missed my family and friends there, but overall, I was sad to leave Thailand.

Most American students went home the day after the goodbye dinner. My friend Emily and I decided to stay one week longer to explore more of Thailand. It was difficult to travel that week, as we had all of our things from the past six months in our big suitcases! But we made it work and got to see some interesting places as a result! First, we traveled to a town called Pai.