Thai food!


Thailand has a lot of tasty foods including snacks, desserts, and main courses. Rice is a very important ingredient in many Thai dishes. Rice can be eaten as a side, used to make the drink rice water and ground into a flour to make all kinds of snacks and desserts. Thai food also tends to have a lot of spices and seasonings. Common ones are basil, and chiles to make the food spicy!

While I was in Thailand, I got to take a Thai cooking class, during which I got to make a lot of dishes including one of my favorites, green curry!

What food did I try?:

Green curry. This is a spicy, coconut soup with seasonings that make it truly green! Green curry also has chicken, tofu, or vegetables in it and is served over rice. 

How did I feel when I tried it?:

The first time I tried Thai green curry, I felt happy because I thought it was delicious. However, I also felt hot and my eyes watered because it was so spicy! 

How is the food prepared?:

I got to make this in my Thai cooking class! First, you chop vegetables. Then you grind together spices and the green curry powder. Next, you mix coconut milk with the spices and bring it to a boil. Add the vegetables and chicken or tofu to it. Boil it until everything is soft. Lastly, serve it with a side of rice!