Margaret's Journey to Thailand

Current Location


Sa-wat-dee! Hello! My name is Margaret, and I'm excited to share some incredible stories from my recent experiences in Thailand. Let's explore this amazing place and culture together.


When I was in Thailand, I got to travel to many places in the country. However, I spent the most time in the city of Chiang Mai. I hope you'll enjoy learning about the place I got to call home! 


During the six months I spent in Thailand, I grew to love the language, food, environment, culture and the people that I met - it was so hard to say goodbye! 

Field Notes

Have you ever tried Thai food? You might have! Foods like fried rice, Pad Thai, and mango rice are all examples of Thai food. Learn more about Thai food here--especially the famous Thai green curry!


In this album, there are photos of things that I saw a lot of during my time in Chiang Mai. There are a lot of Buddhist temples, tropical plants and animals and  shots of the surrounding mountains.