Farewell to Singapore

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Journal Entry:

Everyone has their own comfort zone. From my own experience and with the passing of time, I have come to learn that it is important to step out of your comfort zone whenever possible. Now, why would someone want to put themselves in a situation where they are uncomfortable? Well, stepping out of your comfort zone is a great way to expand it. If you make your comfort zone bigger, then you start becoming more comfortable to a wider range of experiences. 

It was not until high school when I started engaging in opportunities that nudged me to expand my own comfort zone. For example, after my sophomore year of high school I went on a backpacking trip that lasted a couple of weeks. That was the first time I spent time away from my family. After I came back, I felt I had gained more independence and confidence being on my own. That was a huge milestone for me, especially since my family is such an important part of my life. That experience was necessary because it made me more comfortable being independent. As a result, I felt comfortable moving from California to Minnesota for college, thus expanding my comfort zone even more. Then, almost before I knew it, I found myself traveling halfway across the world to study abroad in Singapore!