Adventures in Vietnam


The Vietnamese word for bread is "bánh mì", but it also refers to delicious sandwiches filled with various ingredients
In the city of Hanoi, there is a museum dedicated to the women of Vietnam and their roles in the culture and history of the country
My favorite food while in Vietnam was pho, which is an incredibly delicious soup served with rice noodles, meat and fresh herbs
Ha Long Bay is known for its breathtaking limestone caves, along with its astonishing legends as to how the caves formed in the first place
I had a fun, yet exhausting, time kayaking in Ha Long Bay! Have you been kayaking before?
Egg coffee is a popular traditional Vietnamese drink that is made using eggs, sugar, coffee and condensed milk
After a long and exhausting hike, I wanted to take a picture to capture this stunning view of the landscape
Coffee is a popular export item from Vietnam, and as a result there are plenty of coffee shops like this one called The Note Café, which was my favorite because I could write on the walls and place sticky notes wherever I wanted!