Jonathan's Journey to Singapore

Current Location


Hey there! My name is Jonathan and I'm excited to share my experiences as a college student in Singpaore. Let's take a look at some of Singapore's food, culture, and beautiful sights together!


During my first week in Singapore, I had a wonderful time adjusting to the area! The city was gorgeous, the animals were interesting, and the food was unbelievable!


Hey everyone! My name is Jonathan Alvarado-Gomez, and I would like to tell you a little about myself before I share my journey in Singapore with you. 

Field Notes

The way people get around Singapore is like in other big cities around the world where they drive cars, ride motorcycles and bikes, and take public transportation to get from one point to another.


On this day, I signed up for a student-lead tour of the downtown area of Singapore. Join me as I share some highlights from that day all the way back in January of this year.