Baby Naming Ceremony


Upon the birth of a new child, the community will come together to celebrate his or her arrival. Guests at this event are joyous because of the new addition to the Ghanaian community. At this celebration, the baby is officially named by the baby's father. Names are extremely significant to Ghanaians!

What tradition did I learn about?:

Eight days after the baby is born, the naming ceremony takes place. The purpose of this tradition is for the baby to be given a name by their father. Before this celebration occurs, the baby does not have a name. This new Ghanaian name will have a special meaning that has to do with the baby’s characteristics. This is also the first time the baby is shown off to the relatives and friends. In addition to the naming, the baby is also given a drop of alcohol and a drop of water as part of the tradition. The close family and friends that are present will all be wearing traditional clothing made of white and colorful cloth.

Why does the community have this tradition?:

The community has the tradition to give the baby a meaningful name and welcome them into the new world. The first name is given to them based on their gender and the day they were born. The second name is usually the name of an elder in their family. They believe the good qualities of an individual with the same name will follow the new baby.