Destiny's Journey to Ghana

Current Location

Accra Ghana

Hi! My name is Destiny Ramirez and I am a third-year college student studying abroad at the University of Ghana this semester. I am so excited to take you all on this journey with me!


This week I saw more rain and found my new favorite pizza place in all of Accra. I am enjoying a relaxing week before I begin my testing season as a student at the University of Ghana.


Y3b3hyia bio means "we will meet later" in the Ghanaian language called Twi. Although I only have a few more weeks left, I will carry the memories and learned lessons with me forever. 

Field Notes

Open sewers contribute to sanitation challenges Ghana faces, but the community will continue to work together to create a cleaner and healthier country!


Traveling to Ghana's Northern Region took two days, but the long bus ride was worth it. Mole National Park is home to so many beautiful animals. I was able to see animals I had never seen before!