Y3b3hyia bio, Ghana!

Accra Ghana
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Journal Entry:

When I first arrived, I struggled to get used to living so far away from my family. I quickly realized that my friends were experiencing the same feelings. We were all able to support each other throughout our time here in Ghana. There were days I wanted to go home to see my loved ones, but I understood that I still had a while to go, so I continued to enjoy everyday as much as I could.  As my time here in Ghana is coming to a close, I have been reflecting on the new lessons I have learned.

First, I learned that I did not have to be busy all the time. There were days where I felt bored because I did not have to do my regular tasks from back home. At my college in California, I had homework due almost every day, but here we only had two assignments and two tests. I was able to read a lot of books and have long conversations with friends because I had more time here.

Meeting new friends from Ghana was great! Even though we disagreed on some topics, I learned to be respectful no matter what. If someone did not agree with something I believed in, I understood that this was probably because we grew up in completely different countries. Being understanding allowed me to learn so much more about the local culture and way of life.