Sabbath at the School of Vision


This weekend, I walked with my class to a Rastafarian community all the way up on the top of the Blue Mountains. We went for their Sabbath. so all the women had to cover their hair and wear long clothing. I am not used to long skirts, so during the hike up the mountainside, I tripped about 10 times before I reached the top. On our way, we discovered beautiful wild flowers and ate wild berries.

What does this creature or plant look like?:

My favorite flower along the path was taller than me, and I am pretty tall. The leaves were large and green and the blooms were bright orange and red. It served as a hedge seperating areas as well as a beautiful screen. The flower seemed to be pretty popular with the national bird of Jamaica, the Doctor Bird, which is a humming bird with a long tail. Unfortunately, I couldn't capture a photo of the bird as it went from bloom to bloom very quickly.

How did I feel when I saw it?:

When I stumbled upon the first row of flowers, I gasped. They were so beautiful and their presence so very unexpected. Truthfully, at the top of the mountain, everything was stunning. The flowers added yet another dimension and color in an already vibrant space.

Where does it live?:

I am not sure if these flowers were planted, but I imagine so.