Abigail's Journey to Jamaica

Current Location

Kingston, Jamaica

Hi! I'm Abigail, and I'm so glad you are joining me on my newest adventure! I am currently learning a lot about art and culture in Jamaica, an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Join me!


Jamaica's motto is "Out of Many One." Looking at its history, so many groups of people have contributed to the beauty of the island. The Maroons, in particular, have a very special place in Jamaica.


I learned a new word in downtown Kingston the other day, and it served as a reminder that the things people say provide a great window into their perspectives about the world around them.

Field Notes

During my walk up to one of the highest peaks in Jamaica, I made some beautiful discoveries: wild berries, beautiful flowers, and a self-sufficient Rastafarian community called School of Vision.


I had the opportunity to hike 20-minutes up a mountainside above Kingston to visit the School of Vision and experience an incredible Rastafarian Temple service. Come along with me!