Traveler Bio

Hello, my name is Patrick! I grew up on a horse farm in Ohio. I’ve always loved animals. When I wasn’t taking care of our horses, I would run around the forest in my backyard looking for other critters to watch. I am currently studying to become an archaeologist, a scientist who studies the past by examining cultural artifacts and items ancient humans left behind.

In particular, I investigate ancient animal fossils to better understand how animals and humans interacted in different time periods. For the past 5 years, I’ve spent my summers in South Africa. I chose to work here because I want to learn more about the first humans, who lived in a world much different from our own. The earliest humans came from Africa and lived during a time called the Ice Age, which was full of giant animals like mammoths, saber-toothed lions, and buffalos that weighed as much as cars! People back then didn’t live in cities or towns like we do today. They traveled across the land and lived in caves, which make great natural houses. To learn more about this period, we dig in these caves to uncover the remains these ancient humans left behind.

I am a recipient of a U.S. Fulbright Research Grant and super excited to share my journey in South Africa with you. Want to learn how you could be a Fulbright Scholar like me? The Fulbright Program is the United States government's flagship international exchange program. Fulbrighters foster mutual understanding between the United States and partner nations, share knowledge across communities, and improve lives around the world. Learn more by clicking here!