Exploring Museums Close to Home

New York City NY
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Journal Entry:

Archaeologists travel all over the world to conduct research, exploring the most remote regions and meeting people from faraway cultures. My favorite thing about being an archaeologist is that adventures are part of the job. Living in South Africa has been one of the most exciting times of my life, but if you can’t travel across the world, there are still many adventures you can go on right in your own backyard!

One of my favorite places to work besides South Africa is in New York City. The American Museum of Natural History is in Manhattan and is one of the biggest natural history museums in the world. I could spend days looking at all the exhibits and learning the anthropology, biology and geology that make up our world. The museum even has a whole hall dedicated to the evolution of humans, which is what I am researching here in South Africa!

The museum is more than just exhibits. Most of the museum is made up of rooms upon rooms that store their collections. These collections are all the objects that the museum has collected and are important sources of history and information. The museum protects these collections so that researchers will be able to learn from them for centuries.