On Safari: A Journey into Africa's Wilderness

Kruger National Park, South Africa
-23.988384800000, 31.554740200000
Journal Entry:

In the wilderness of Africa, you will experience animals unlike anywhere else in the world. Many of these unique animals that Africa is most famous for live in a type of environment known as a savannah, which is made up of fields of grass with bushes and trees scattered across the landscape. While exploring these savannahs, you might see a giraffe snacking on treetops, an elephant splashing at a watering hole, a warthog digging for tasty roots, a herd of hippos soaking in a river, an ostrich guarding her nest of giant eggs, a pride of lions sleeping lazily in the shade, a meerkat peeking out of their burrow and massive herds of zebra and antelopes grazing along the vast grasslands. These animals are loved across the world, and people travel to South Africa from all over to go on what is called a safari. A safari is a journey into the African wilderness to see these animals in their natural habitat.

There is never a dull moment while on safari. You never know what animal you will see next! The best way to see the animals is from safari vehicles, which are large trucks that are open on top so you can see in every direction.