Mossel Bay, South Africa
-34.183626300000, 22.124387100000
Journal Entry:

Hello, my name is Patrick! I am 29 years old and grew up on a horse farm in Ohio with my mom, dad and two older sisters. I’ve always loved animals. When I wasn’t helping my mom take care of our horses, I would run around the forest in our backyard to find other critters.

Six years ago, I moved to a city named Phoenix, Arizona, which is very different from where I grew up in Ohio. Arizona is mostly a big desert, which means it is much hotter than Ohio. Even though it's hot, I’ve come to love exploring the desert – I make sure to always bring lots of sunscreen and water! The desert has so many beautiful canyons and mountains to discover. It is filled with plants and animals that seem like aliens to someone from Ohio. My favorite thing to do is explore nature and discover all the different plants and animals. You will often find me camping deep in the wilderness, very far from any cities or towns. Out there in the wild, I find strange animals, plants that cover the landscape and more stars in the night sky than I can count! When I am not exploring, I like to read books and draw—as you might have guessed, I like to draw the plants and animals I’ve seen on my adventures.

I am studying to become an archaeologist, which is a scientist who studies the past by looking at the things ancient humans left behind.