Nature News

Number of sunny days this week: 2
Number of cloudy days this week: 5
Number of rainy days this week: 2
Number of snowy days this week: 1
Number of windy days this week: 5
What is the air temperature right now in Fahrenheit?: 53
How was the weather this week?:

The weather in Berlin has been like that in Indiana lately— confusing! A couple weeks ago, the sun was shining and we were playing games in the park. This past week, however, the temperature substantially dropped and it even snowed! I had to break out my winter jacket again. The weather is supposed to rise over ten degrees during this next week, we're all crossing our fingers that the predictions are correct! 

What animals did I see this week? :

Berlin is a big city, so we unfortunately don't get to see a lot of animals. However, I did spot some pretty birds flying around the blossoming trees. They are all different colors, and I love listening to their chirping sounds outside my window. If you really want to know, I see a lot of mice running around the subway stations. It doesn't gross me out as it does some of my friends, though, because there are a lot of mice in Indiana.